I’ve become more and more obsessed with flower farming on our tiny urban farm as the years pass by. This year I’ve decided to stop with the guesswork and finally write down a seed-starting plan. And here it is!

You can easily adjust the dates listed based on your own gardening zone and you’ll your plan ready, too! If you’re located in the USA, you can click here to find out what your zone is. 

It is hard to choose, but these flowers are my favorites this year! We are currently flower farming on less than 1/4 acre so we really have to narrow it down to just the favorites. Is your favorite not on here?? Shoot me an email or comment on my Instagram! I am always looking for the next best thing to grow!

Flowers and greenery with seed-starting dates I’m growing this year in gardening zone 6a. Our growing Season this year is estimated to be from Thurs April 19th- Tues October 16th.

All of my seeds are purchased from Johnny’s Seeds and Floret Flowers. 

I hope this helps someone out there get as excited as I am for the spring growing season. XX


Harvesting some more strawflower sunshine that will last all winter ☀️

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Snapdragons 2/22 (8weeks)

  • Potomac Custom Mix 
  • Madame Butterfly Mix 

Scabiosa 2/22 (8weeks) 

Strawflower 3/8 (6weeks)

  • Dragon Fire
  • Apricot Mix – Floret Flowers

Cosmos 3/8 (6weeks)

  • Double Click Mix

Zinnias 3/22 (4 weeks or direct seed)

  • Zinderella Peach
  • Oklahoma Formula Mix
  • Giant Dahlia Flowered White

Sunflowers (direct seed)

  • Frilly – Floret
  • Sun-Fill™ Purple – Johnny’s

Calendula (direct seed, succession plant)

  • Bronze Beauty
  • Resina (Medicinal)



Statice Seeker Mix 2/22 (8weeks)

Dusty Miller 2/22 (8weeks)

Celosia 3/8 (6weeks) 

Atriplex Copper Plume 3/22 (4weeks) 

Thai Green Basil (Direct Seed)


I've got sunshine on a cloudy day 🌻🌻

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